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  • Why We Do What We Do


    Belief Trumps Talent started out as vision in Scott Carr’s mind to help youth improve their academic and life results.

    He realized that by developing a deep understanding of their blind-spots and how they are affected by them, they can drastically improve their academic performance.

    Only when you understand what your blind-spots are, where they come from, and how they dominate different aspects of your life, can you rise to new levels.

    When Scott discovered how his own blind-spots impacted his decisions during high school and college, he was able to make positive changes in his own life. He then realized that learning about blind-spots and how they affect you is something that is not being taught in schools.

    Scott’s experience as an educator, Athletic Director and as a volleyball and basketball coach allowed him to discover firsthand what schools do offer and what they don’t when it comes to mindset and high performance education.

    He then developed a proven mentorship system that helps youth, young-adults, and student-athletes reach their true potential. Scott then brought in Steven Logreira who has solid technical, business building and life coaching expertise to help launch and grow Belief Trumps Talent.

  • What We Offer Our Clients

    Belief Trumps Talent offers youth and young adult coaching and mentoring programs, that help them discover their true potential, and find the confidence and motivation to achieve their best results. Through our mentoring programs, we help our clients understand their blind-spots so they can move past them and get the results that they want. We firmly belief that not only the students have blind-spots, but often times, parents do as well.  By involving the parents in the mentoring process, we help uncover those blind-spots and as a result, parent-child relationships also drastically improve. At Belief Trumps Talent, we are committed to leaving our clients feeling equipped and inspired to discover their true potential. Once they develop the confidence and mindsets that raise their performance, they can achieve anything!

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