An Improved Sports Psychology and A ‘No Quit’ Mindset Makes Danny Green Unstoppable

Sports Psychology

You may have watched the NBA finals game 1 a few nights back, and if you did, then no doubt that you saw Lebron James forced to exit the game due to leg cramps mid way through the 4th quarter. Lebron’s exit set the stage for one player he often checks, who was able to…

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Finding A Way Through A Growth Mindset

Find a way

Finding A Way Through A Growth Mindset………   I would like to introduce you to Diana Nyad, a person with the rarest combination of vision, resilience courage and a growth mindset.  I am always left awestruck by the single-minded commitment and “against all odds” attitude that it takes for people like Diana Nyad to realize…

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Why It’s Important To Know Your Unique Ability

Unique Ability

Why It’s Important To Know Your Unique Ability………   Do you ever wonder what it is that you really want to do with your life?  Or perhaps you may be asking, “what is my life purpose?” Dan Sullivan wrote a great book called “Unique Ability:  Creating A  life that you want.” This is one book…

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How School Kills Creativity

It is fitting that one of the talks by Sir Ken Robinson’s that inspired me to create BTT is the focus of my first blog. The fact that Sir Ken’s legendary TED talk has over 20 million views cements that fact that people do care deeply about the state of education and what our kids are…

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