Behavior Never Lies

Behavior Never Lies

Are Your Keeping Your Word?  Behavior Never Lies!…….

Behavior Never LiesAs a student of human behavior it’s always baffling how people tend to sabotage their lives.  You would think that most would user their common sense and make choices that help them, rather than hurt them.

Unfortunately that is not the case.  Most people do have common sense, unfortunately they choose not to use it.

Every day you have two choices, you can either be clear as to what you are going to accomplish and have a productive day or you can be confused and “see what happens” in your day, which leads to being unproductive and scattered.  Either way, behavior never lies.

Each day you get to decide either of these two patterns for your day and then you behave accordingly.

Are you choosing confusion or clarity?


If you choose confusion, then you are always left wondering why your life is not working and why these things only happen to you.  Your lack of holding yourself accountable becomes a foundation for excuses, justification, lies and often times blame.

Confusion usually is a result of a lack of planning and direction.  It’s like going on a road trip without a map.  Chances are you “might” get to your destination, but it’s is highly unlikely.

You can explain, excuse, blame and justify all you want but ultimately your life is a result of the choices you make and the behaviors you have implemented.

If your life feels like it’s not going where you want it to be then you need to gain clarity.


Clarity can mean so many things, but what I mean by clarity is simple.  Clarity happens when you gain knowledge and apply it.  Knowing what to do is half the battle.  Knowledge allows you to create a game plan based on relevant information.  Unfortunately, just knowing, doesn’t mean that you will succeed.  You have to add the second component, which is action.

The best plans in life will never happen unless you actually take action – Steven Logreira

So once you know what to do and you create a plan to achieve that, then it’s much easier to have a clear vision and you are more likely to get where you want to go.  You also have the confidence and the inner strength to follow through.

Behavior Never Lies


So whether you choose to live life with clarity or through confusion, fact is that behavior never lies.

So many people talk ab0ut what they want to do, or what they are going to do.  They make promises and tell others of how much they are going to accomplish.  Unfortunately, reality is that those that don’t get what they want, rarely do what they say they are going to do.  Then they wonder why their life isn’t working or why their business is failing.

I know in my own life, for a long time, I was going to “make my mark.”  I would talk about all these great things I was going to accomplish and how I was going to be this “great success.”  But truth be told, my behavior said something different.

I would make promises and not keep them.  I would create these great plans and not follow through. Then I would get frustrated and start making excuses and blaming others for my short-comings.

Fact is that I lacked the discipline and the right behavior to actually take action.  Behavior never lies!!

It wasn’t until I made a choice to keep my word and I committed to continuous learning and implementation of those lessons, that I started seeing results.

The Power Of Your Word

The essence of a person is not what they say, it’s what they do! – Richard Flint

Whenever there is a disconnect between actions and words there is a contradiction.  That contradiction creates confusion for you and for those that are listening and accepting what you are saying. Those contradictions will be demonstrated through your behavior.

That contradiction will cause a loss of trust.  Whenever you make a promise or a commitment and you don’t keep it, people soon begin to loose trust in you.  This contradiction over time will also cause a loss of respect.   When people can’t believe what you say they soon stop listening to you because they no longer trust or respect you.

The contradiction between what you say and what you do weakens your presence. One of the greatest gift you can give to the world is your presence.  Think of people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela.  They were a presence.  Why, because they gave their word to humanity and endured great hardship to keep it.  Being a presence even when you are absent is the greatest statement of respect you could ever get.


Gaining Clarity


This blog post is based on a book by Richard Flint called “Behavior Never Lies.”  In his book he outlined eight steps to help you balance your words and your behavior.

Step 1: Believe In Yourself

Without a strong foundation of self-belief you will constantly struggle with doubt, worry and a sense of uncertainty

Step 2: Expand Your Horizons

When your past is creating your picture of today, you will find yourself repeating the things you promised you wouldn’t continue to do

Step 3: Hold Yourself Accountable And/Or Find Someone Perhaps ACoach Who Will Also Hold You Accountable

Until you can face your life with a sense of honesty, you will find yourself having to justify all those things you know you shouldn’t have done or continue to do.

Step 4: Address Your Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies create the contradictions that keep you at war with yourself.

Step 5: Very Carefully Align Yourself With the Right People

Hanging out with the wrong crowd is a guaranteed way of taking your life down a path that will reak havoc in your life.  Align yourself with people that have a Growth Mindset and that are looking to better themselves.

Step 6: Increase Your Awareness

The more you are aware of your behavior patterns and mental triggers, the easier it is to control your emotional reactions and ultimately your behavior.

Step 7: Operate Your Life At  A Manageable Pace

Either You Are Managing Your Life Or Your Life Is Managing You.  Realize that you are in control of your own behavior and you can choose your reactions to the stimulus around you.

Step 8: Refuse To Go Backward

As long as you keep allowing your past to provide answers for you, you are missing the lessons that the present has to offer.

At Belief Trumps Talent, we are committed to help our clients create a framework in which they can gain the clarity necessary to navigate the confusion that is created when their behavior and their words contradict each other.

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