I Know That: Three Words That Will Keep You Stuck

I know that

I know it allAs I continue this journey, I have come to the conclusion that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.

Therefore, every time I think to myself, “I know that,”  I actually close off and give up an opportunity to learn something new or even improve on something.  That is how I keep myself stuck.

Think about it.  Notice what happens when you think you already know something.  Do you remain open to listening, or do you completely close off, and every word after sounds like Charlie Brown’s Teacher?   Which went something like this…….

           wa wa wawa wa waa waaa wawawawa  wa wa wawawa waaaaaa  wa wa wa wa wa!

Consider that perhaps you don’t know everything, and there might still be something there to learn.

I always refer back to an interview with Michael Jordan, who is consider to be the greatest professional basketball player of  all time.  In the interview, he was asked what went through his mind when he was given the ball on the final seconds of the game and it was his shot that would win or lose the game.  His answer was, “I always went back to High School fundamentals.” Because of that, I believe he was able to win many key games in his amazing career.

Now think about that for a second.  He was an NBA player, going back to high school fundamentals.  These were things that he learned many years back, but yet, he went back to those teachings to give him the confidence to take those shots.  What if he would have been of a mindset of, I know that?  He is one of the greatest, he could have easily done that, but yet, he didn’t.  That’s what made him great and a master of the game of basketball.

In my opinion, that is a sign of wisdom.  He was able to transcend his ego and “star status,” by willing to go back to basics.

What I learned from this simple lesson is that there’s always something new to learn about something I already know.  In Jordan’s example, the fundamentals were simple mechanics of how to shoot a jump shot.  By using the same fundamentals over and over again, he was able to master his game.  In my own life, by constantly practicing certain fundamentals over and over again, you can achieve a lot.

Because I am always open and willing to look at myself in an objective way, I can adjust and change my habits or ways of thinking that no longer serve me.  That translates to continued success and increased levels of happiness.

Stop Saying I know That!

What I am suggesting here, is to sometimes let your guard and your ego down and be open to a different opinion, or perhaps a different way of doing something that you think you already know.

Bruce Lee said:

I know that

What that means to me is that when someone is open to the idea that they “don’t know,” they can then master anything.  Through practice and repetition, can one only become great.  What I am trying to convey is to invite you to stay open and be willing to admit that there is always something new to learn about anything that you may already think you know.  That is how true mastery can truly come to be.

Instead of saying “I know that,” say, “What else can I learn about this so I can truly master it.”








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