Key Lessons That You Don’t Learn In school

Don't Learn in school

Key Lessons That You Don’t Learn In school……..

Don't Learn in schoolSo you go to high school and then perhaps college to learn the essential subjects that will help you “function” in society. Then you’re supposed to get a job, find your soul mate, get married, have kids and then you will be happy. Right?

Well, for some that game plan has worked OK. But for most not so much.

How many kids are in school, studying subjects that they find boring or perhaps not sure why they have to learn that, rather than studying something that means something to them and peaks their interest.

Also how many people are out there in the work place that absolutely hate what they do and can barely make it through the next paycheck. They go into the office, punch in and spend the rest of the day wishing they were somewhere else and go home and complain of how they can’t make ends meet.

Then there are those that are in relationships or keep jumping from relationship to relationship and they keep wondering why it’s so hard.

Well, the answer is simple.  Those are things that you don’t learn in school.  

Think about it, how to have healthy relationships, money management and investments, and how to discover your true passion is something that you  don’t learn in school?  Consider that those also essential skills that everyone should learn. Isn’t learning the tools to be happy just as important as English, Math, Science and history?

Now, we are not saying that what you learn in school is not important things to know.  They are.  But, those other things I mentioned are just as important.

In the video below I want to introduce you to Logan Laplante. He’s not your typical teenager by any means. He has learned that although traditional schooling does have value, what is most important in life and what you don’t learn in school is how to be healthy and happy.

Logan has been home-schooled since the age of nine. His parents are outside the box thinkers and to the shock of many people, they decided to pull him out of school and give him more than just a traditional school education.

Listen to his TED talk about how he has gone about learning about happiness and “hacking” his education.

Here at Belief Trumps Talent we firmly believe that the school system is not teaching our kids ALL the essential skills for to become the happy and healthy adults that they deserve to be.  There really needs to be a restructuring of our education system.


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