Youth Coaching and Mentoring

Q: Are these mentoring programs and products geared towards all students?

A:  Belief Trumps Talent mentors welcome all youth and young adults with a range of challenges, interests and backgrounds. BTT’s mentoring and coaching programs can provide concrete strategies and assistance for all youth and young adults who perhaps need a boost of motivation or confidence, or need to fine tune their skills in order to maximize their true potential, whether they are an athlete or an aspiring entrepreneur, or anything in between.

Q: How can youth and young adults’ academic and personal performance benefit from BTT’s mentor programs and products?

A: Our mentoring programs are designed to help our clients view themselves in a different way. We help youth and young adults identify what their blind-spots are, both in their personal lives and in the classroom, and how they affect their performance. We also help youth to challenge themselves by getting them out of their comfort zone.

Through our mentoring and coaching programs, our clients realize that talent alone is not enough; they need to put in time and effort in order to grow.

Through mentoring and coaching, clients begin to understand that their current mindset is not allowing them to improve and even though they are talented, they must continue to work hard and be dedicated. Otherwise, they will reach a plateau.

With this new understanding, youth can gain a renewed confidence that helps them improve not just in athletics and the classroom, but in all areas of their lives.

Q: How can a high achieving individual benefit from BTT’s mentoring and coaching programs and products?

A: A high achieving youth or young adult can benefit from Belief Trumps Talent’s products and programs by developing a mindset of hard work and dedication, rather than relying on their talents alone. We help them gain confidence in their weaker areas, and in achieving a different perspective.

When a high performer relies mostly on their natural talents for results, they can lack the resolve and perspective to handle setbacks that arise.  They are also far less inclined to get out of their comfort zones, take risks and learn from their experiences.

Through examining self-belief, and adopting a mindset of hard work and dedication, high achieving students can then position themselves to respond differently when things don’t go their way. They also find it much easier to get out of their comfort zone as they are better equipped to handle any challenge that life offers.


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