Belief Trumps Talent offers youth and young adult mentoring and coaching programs in Vancouver to help youth and young adults develop the confidence and motivation to achieve their best results.


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Scott’s Mentoring Message for Students and Athletes


One of the most effective ways to experience Belief Trumps Talent’s teachings is through our mentoring programs.

Are you lacking motivation in your studies and are unable to focus?

Have you found that while you love sports, that you haven’t gotten the coaching that would help elevate your game?

And when the game is on the line, are you the one who is counted on in the clutch?

I played sports from age 5 right through the college level and while I had many excellent coaches, what I didn’t have was a mentor that could help me understand my blind spots, improve my confidence, and help me develop a mindset that would allow me to achieve in all areas of my life.

The fact is that the top leaders and athletes today not only have a great technical skill application and superb conditioning, but they also know that they must continually learn to overcome obstacles, develop the mindset that allows them to be consistent in all areas of their lives, and to build courage around coming through in the clutch.

Its also true that if you are underperforming in one area (sports or academics) that it will impact the other area. When our mindset is not consistent, and our results suffer in one area, it invariably impacts other areas.


How Mentoring Changed My life And It Can Change Yours Too

When I understood that the top performers had mentors that showed them the way, held them accountable, and modeled what it takes to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, I knew I had to find a mentor to help me develop to become the most successful entrepreneur and thought leader possible.

Top people have others that help them expand their limits, establish new standards, and overcome their blind-spots so that they can get much closer to their true potential.

We have found that our mentoring programs at Belief Trumps Talent offer high levels of individual support through one on one coaching, group interactions via webinars, and the accountability structure required to make meaningful and lasting mindset shifts.


Scott’s Mentoring Message For Parents


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