An Improved Sports Psychology and A ‘No Quit’ Mindset Makes Danny Green Unstoppable

Sports Psychology

Danny GreenYou may have watched the NBA finals game 1 a few nights back, and if you did, then no doubt that you saw Lebron James forced to exit the game due to leg cramps mid way through the 4th quarter.

Lebron’s exit set the stage for one player he often checks, who was able to step up and take over the game in the 4th quarter. Yes, the Spurs’ Danny Green scored 11 points in the fourth quarter alone, and it was his energy, sharpshooting, and mindset that propelled the Spurs to victory in the pivotal game 1.

If you don’t follow the NBA, what you need to know is that it is the superstars and ‘max contract’ players who tend to dominate the games and the headlines. Its far less common for the ‘unsung heroes’ to step up and take over.  Knowing that you are working hard to elevate your own game, its important to know about Danny Green’s struggles, his resolve, and eventual success in the NBA.

Check out the video below that tells his story:


The key is that while Danny Green was a much-celebrated college basketball player, he had to go to a new level of belief to make it and stick in the NBA. Talent took him only so far, and it was his hard work and an understanding of “sports performance psychology” where he managed to his true intention of becoming a valuable NBA player.

You see once Danny Green decided to not quit, to not make excuses and to not feel sorry for himself, and develop a ‘growth mindset’ which allowed him to continue to dream large and rise above his circumstances. At some point he had to learn to focus on what he could control and let go of what he could not control. So for Danny Green, to get to where he is now, it would have all begun with a decision to not quit while he was on his journey.

That decision was to not give up on his ‘NBA dream’ even after being cut by the Cleveland Cavaliers, spending time in the ‘D-league’, and having to play ball overseas. By making this decision, he actually cut himself off from any other possibility other than to succeed. And so Danny Green was able to show that he could demonstrate improved sports performance through his thinking, his resolve, and by learning to leverage his own positive psychology.

We shall see where his NBA career takes him, but given how far he has come – and what he has learned about hard work, mindset, and developing sports psychology – I will predict that he will have the resources and resolve to continue to make his impact and elevate to a new level once again.

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