“I’m confident to say that Scott Carr is an incredible coach, and he leads students and student athletes to becoming champions, on the court, in the classrooms and in life.”
Jerry Ku
, (SCIS ’09, University of the Redlands ‘14)

“Scott Carr has helped me overcome so many life hurdles; he helped me became a student role-model, and ever since then my self-confidence has continued to increase exponentially.”

Ian Gindelberger, (SCIS ‘07) -
Entrepreneur and Business Owner

“Scott Carr taught me firsthand that developing personal self-belief was the key to my playing key roles on 3 highly successful varsity athletic teams. As a college student Scott Carr encouraged me to follow truest passion so that I can leverage my university education to the maximum and define success and fulfillment accordingly”
Mikael Masson (SCIS 2008, UBC Commerce ’12)

“Scott Carr taught me that passion and hard work lie at the root of all success, and that if you can pre determine what your goals are, and understand that you can achieve them through belief and persistence, then you are well on your way to living life at your highest frequency”
David Wang (SCIS 2008, UBC Commerce ’12)

Direct note to Scott: “This made me remember how much of an impact SCIS had on me. And I thank you for being the first person who involved me not only in sports, but in a team. You help build the leader I am today and I’ll forever be grateful.”
Cedric Ancion (SCIS ’08, Northeastern University ’12) – Intern at European Union Chamber of Commerce, Beijing

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