Reach New Heights






From Scott’s experiences in education, and from what he recalls as a student athlete, schools have done a good job helping students learn traditional skills such as reading, writing and math.

They have also taught youth about the importance of standards, rules and responsibility and also how to contribute positively to a community.

What schools have not been able to teach these youth and young adults is how to understand themselves and what motivates them, and also what holds them back.

Why is it that some individuals, although very talented and often gifted, never reach their full potential?

Part of the challenge is that students are growing up in an increasingly negative, highly materialistic, distracted, and instantly gratified society. As a result, youth now grow up in what many consider to be an “at risk culture”, and it has become harder and harder to find and access positive role models and mentors to guide and influence them. This has created blind-spots, bad habits and counter-productive behavior in youth.

The good news is that blind-spots can be brought to light, habits can be changed and behavior can be altered. Today we know far more about our brain, and specifically how the study of neuroplasticity has shown that we can in fact alter the structure of our brain through our thoughts and beliefs. It has also been proven that our DNA can be altered by our thought patterns, experiences, attitudes and habits. So that breaks the myth of how we are genetically pre-disposed to be a “certain way.”

At Belief Trumps Talent, we have created youth and young adult mentoring and personal coaching programs that takes advantage of the latest brain and behavioral research by world-renowned experts such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Carol Dweck. These “brain experts” have proven that in fact the key to living a happy, healthy and productive life, which translates into performing at a high level, is primarily determined by our thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions!

At Belief Trumps Talent, we support our clients to achieve their best results in academics, athletics, and personal lives.

Our clients come to understand that their blind-spots come from their unconscious mind (this is the part of our mind that we are unaware of, but has a key role in our survival). They realize that those blind-spots are really beliefs about how they see themselves and what they believe they are capable of.  Once they understand what is holding them back, through the mentoring and coaching frameworks we have developed, they create a new view of themselves and what they see as possible; thus developing confidence.

From the classroom to the field or court, to their college and life choices, we help youth and young adults develop a mindset that instills hard work and dedication. Ultimately, they tend to improve their performance not only academically and athletically, but in their lives as well.




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