Why It’s Important To Know Your Unique Ability

Unique Ability

Why It’s Important To Know Your Unique Ability………


Unique AbilityDo you ever wonder what it is that you really want to do with your life?  Or perhaps you may be asking, “what is my life purpose?”

Dan Sullivan wrote a great book called “Unique Ability:  Creating A  life that you want.” This is one book that we highly recommend to our clients.

At Belief Trumps Talent, we believe that knowing and understanding your unique ability is crucial to living a life that you love.




What Is Your Unique ability?

It is a basis of what you love to do and do it well. 

Your Unique ability has four components:

1)   Superior Ability – It something that everyone notices about you and brings value to others

2)   Passion –  You are passionate about this skill and love using it as often as possible

3)   Energy – It energizes you and those around you

4)   Never Ending improvement – It’s something you are always looking to gain more skill at

Because your Unique ability is a superior ability that is fueled by Passion and energy you constantly want to get better at it.


The Challenge

Most individuals are not able to identify their Unique ability, let alone improve on it, because they are trapped by limiting beliefs given to them as children.

Unfortunately many of us are taught as children that the secret to success in life is attained only by improving our weaknesses.  This of course creates a certain set of beliefs about ourselves and our limitations.  The problems is that as we focus on our weaknesses we start to generate a sense of deficiency, failure and guilt. As a result, our lives are filled with frustration, untapped potential and missed opportunities.

Letting go of these limiting beliefs about yourself and learning to focus on  the things you love, is the secret to maximizing performance.


Discovering Your Unique Ability


How do you discover your Unique Ability? How do you discover the things that bring passion to your life and energize you?

Here is a six step process that will help you discover your Unique Ability:

1.Ask Your Unique Ability Question:

Begin by asking yourself what activities give you energy, purpose and passion? You may also wish to consider asking other people who know you the same question.

 2.Take the Kolbe A Index™  and go through the Strengthfinder 2.0 questionnaire.

Go to http://www.kolbe.com and take the Kolbe test.  Also, purchase the book Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  You can also go to the website and take the strengthsfinder test for about $10 US if you don’t want to buy the book; which includes the test in the price.

These will allow you to understand your natural and instinctive talents.

 3.Unique Ability Habits:

These are the things that you do daily and automatically to produce your best results. You develop these habits over the course of you life. Begin by listing the habits. Pick the ones that reflect your core values.

 4.Write your Unique Ability Statement:

Write your Unique Ability in one sentence. Begin with words such as “My Unique Ability is characterized by my superior ability to ….”.

 5.Discover Your Unique Ability Future:

Envision yourself at some point in the future spending 100% of your time on your Unique Ability. This visualization exercise is a powerful process of becoming clear about your ideal future. Visualization used by top athletes, entertainers and successful people in all walks of life. Visualizing your Unique Ability will give you a sense of clarity, confidence, purpose and passion.

 6. Goal Setting around your Unique Ability:

Goal setting is a powerful process of becoming clear about your ideal future.  In this process you  design an action plan to get there.  Then you  take action on that plan and you persist until you reach your destination. This final step of the Unique Ability process is crucial.


Figuring out what your Unique Ability is will absolutely change your life.  We highly recommend you go through this process and fine tune it often until you get clear on what you love and are passionate about.  Consider that you can even figure out a way to make a career out of it.

If you would like to go deeper into this process, we highly recommend you read Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan.

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